Today was an amazing day of inquiry, design, and redesign as students worked to create catapults from a limited amount of materials – wire hangers, plastic spoons, and rubber bands. Students also provided a goalpost to catapult the pompom through. I was amazing by the background knowledge, perseverance, and problem solving abilities of these hard working 5th/6th graders.


Working together!


Searching for a solution


Providing a goalpost for his team

Ben Eli

Designing and redesigning!


Finding solution is hard work!

Eli ryan

Working together is the name of the game!

  • Students also worked to research important people of Ancient Greece, as well as important contributions to our current society such as theater, the olympics, and poetry. Students harvested information from textbooks and online resources.  They completed their projects by writing 7-8 paragraphs about these ancient people.

researching ben

Being able to use multiple resources while researching a topic is an important objective for 5th/6th grade students.         mark researching

Eli margo researching


researching #2       Will researching

Working together makes learning fun!

Ryan researching         mark researching