Helping Others

This week we helped the 1st graders dissect fish with Ms. Hess and her mother from Fish Wildlife And Parks. We helped the younger kids cut them open and explore their insides and the other features. Also some kids, like Malia, have been helping little kids who need friends on the playground and on the bus. We had an enormous amount of fun helping the little kids get buddies and dissecting fish. ~By Ben And Ryan

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Social Studies

This week in social studies we made foldables on Ancient Rome and researched all about it. Some of the things we are researching are the Roman Colosseum, religion, Julius Cesaer, war, and more. Ben, Ryan, Kesler and Lissa’s favorite subject so far is WAR! But other students who know more about Rome say they like the subject of the Roman Colosseum better. ~ Mitchell and Mark


This week in writing we have been working on persuasive writing. The more we do it the easier is gets. Lissa is working on a piece called Be A Friend, Make A Friend. Kesler is working on one called Hiking Is The Best Activity. We have a framework of doing it by 1. Make a case for your cause 2. Call to action 3. Support position with facts 4.Repeat call to action 5. Recognize opposing view. ~ Camilla and Will

Book Exchange

This Friday our school is having a celebration for Dr. Seuss Day. Kids have been bringing books for our book exchange at school and every kid will have the opportunity to take books home. Teachers are using their classrooms as stations and kids are numbered 1-8 to go into their classrooms. Each group has to have an older kid to help out.~Lissa and Malia

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5th Grade Math

In 5th grade math this week we have been working on bar graphs, broken line graph, and data landmarks. We found out that broken line graphs are better with time change with data. We also found out that bar graphs were better for organizing data. We worked on finding data landmarks on an electric bill such as mode, mean, range, and median. ~ Kesler


In reading this week we read and discussed cool articles about many different topics. We read an article called, Should Paper Money Be Phased Out By 2020? Most of us thought, no it shouldn’t be phased out because kids can’t have credit cards, as well as many different reasons our class came up with. We also read, All In Your Mind. It talked about how kids thinking they can learn will help them learn difficult problems. For example, if you get a problem wrong it helps you learn. Additionally, Veronica is reading My Side Of The Mountain and Malia is reading Chasing Redbird. ~Margo and Veronica

6th Grade Math

Six graders worked on elapsed time and adding and subtracting integers on IXL. We thought that elapsed time would be easy but it was pretty hard, until Eli said that, “We should grab fake clocks to help us a bit.” So Eli went to the first Grade room and grabbed some clocks. Most of us finish but it will always be a little hard. Mrs. Ward is still finding more tricky problems in math that challenge our math thinking. We worked on solving problems with exponents and writing equations. I can’t wait for us to finish all of the problems she will give us because I like the math and it will help us grow in our thinking.~Nathan S. Rogers