13 APRIL 2017


Chairman Jeff Sullivan called the Board of Trustees Meeting to order at 7:30 a.m. in the Creston School Library with the following members present: Linda Addington, Matt Hartle, Austin Hughes and Julie Tikka. Also in attendance were: Tami Ward – Principal, Tammy Bartos – District Clerk, Jack Eggensperger – County Superintendent and Nancy Keeton – Trustee Candidate.

Minutes: Linda Addington moved and Austin Hughes seconded to approve the minutes of the 7 March 2017 regular meeting. Motion passed unanimously. See attached.

Public Participation/Correspondence: nil.


Clerk – Tammy Bartos presented report. Statement of Expenditure shows General Fund at 70% committed. Reconciliations to the County Treasurer are completed through February. PERS Step Two documents have been received. Gutters and Siding still need to be done to complete the Water/Ice Damage Claim. A Preliminary General Fund Line Item Budget for next year has been put together.

Principal – Tami Ward presented report. Social Skill Theme this month is Acceptance. There have been no applicants for the Counselor position so she will repost the position for a full-time teacher to do counseling, PE and Title 1 and we will get the variance. All third through sixth graders will take Smarter Balanced Assessments in May. We will have an IEFA Day at then end of the month. Kindergarten Roundup is May 8th. School repairs in the works are some doors to be replaced and repaired and insulation in the basement to prevent pipes from freezing.

Staff – nil.

Special Education Coop – Tami Ward reported that they are continuing to move forward with adding K-2 to the Crossroads program.

Educational Coop – Tami Ward reported that the hiring process for a new director is progressing. Jen Johnson is our representative for IEFA (Indian Education For All). Pauline Davidson received Rookie of the Year Award Wednesday night at the NW Co-Op Teacher Appreciation Night.

Playground – Tami Ward reported – woodchips will need to be brought in soon.


  • Julie Tikka moved and Austin Hughes seconded to accept Policy #8110 NONINSTRUCTIONAL OPERATIONS – Bus Routes and Schedules. Motion passed unanimously.

Information Items:

  • The 2016-2017 Accreditation Status Report from OPI has been received and our final status is Regular (we are fully accredited).
  • There is a MTSBA Workshop in Kalispell May 18th. Trustees encouraged to attend.
  • The trustee election has been cancelled by acclamation.
  • A Hiring Committee for the Bus Driver/Maintenance position is being assembled. Matt Hartle and Nancy Keeton both volunteered to be part of the committee.
  • We had only one applicant for the Scholarship Award. Tami will present it at the Flathead High School Scholarship Banquet.

3rd Grade Presentation: at 8:00 a.m. Mrs. Davidson along with some of her 3rd grade students gave presentations using Chatter Pix, Scratch Jr., Device Gears, Tellagami and stop motion videos to demonstrate their math, social studies and technology learning.

Action Items:

  • Tammy reported that the approval of the petition for a Budget Amendment Proclamation due to an unanticipated enrollment was received; however, the deadline to post the notice in the newspaper was missed. After speaking with an OPI representative the next step will be to go ahead with the posting with a May meeting date for the resolution. No action needed.
  • Matt Hartle moved and Austin Hughes seconded to approve a One-Time Retention Stipend for Returning Teachers at $1500 each. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Matt Hartle moved and Julie Tikka seconded to approve the Audit Engagement Letter from Nicole Noonan, CPA, for the FY 2015/16 audit. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Transportation Contract(s) – Matt Hartle moved and Linda Addington seconded to approve the transportation contract for two more bus riders. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Out of District request(s): – nil.
  • Gym & School Grounds Use request – nil.

Board Comments: Discussion and Instruction about how to address after hours phone calls from the security company.

Payroll/Substitutes/Claims –

  • The Board approved all claims for April 2017.

Miscellaneous Items of Business: Thanks was given to Jack Eggensperger for his attendance and input today.

Next Meeting(s) Date:

  • Reorganization Meeting 2 May 2017 at 7:30 am.
  • Regular Meeting 2 May 2017 immediately following the Reorganization meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Tammy Bartos                                                 Matt Hartle

District Clerk                                                    Chairman