General Safety and Behavior Rules

  • Immediately follow directions given by playground supervisors
  • Use equipment responsibly – for the purpose intended
  • Toys, balls, etc. from home need to stay in backpacks
  • Pencils, paper, notebooks, art sets stay in the classroom or in backpacks
  • Rocks, sticks, woodchips, snowballs, etc. stay on the ground
  • Stay within playground boundaries (ramp and container is off limits)
  • Ask permission to retrieve balls, toys, etc. that go over the fence
  • Ask permission to go inside to use the restrooms
  • Dress appropriately for the weather i.e. coats, hats, gloves in cold weather
  • Place coats on a bench when taken off in warm weather
  • Shoes must be worn at all times
  • Stay out of mud and water puddles and off of ice
  • When the bell rings stop playing and line up quickly and quietly
  • Walk at all times on concrete
  • If you take equipment out, you bring it back in
  • Play safely, be respectful of others and HAVE FUN!


  • Sitting only
  • Swing forward and backward only
  • Push only from the back
    • Under-dogs are unsafe
  • Dismount safely
    • Flying dismounts are unsafe


  • Always sit, feet first
  • One at a time
  • Safely stay off sides and top of slide


  • Maximum Capacity is 5
  • Hold on with both hands at all times
  • Bystanders should stand back

Jump Ropes

  • Use for jumping only
  • Jump only where it will not interfere with another student

Monkey Bars

  • Stay off of the top

Tetherball/Four Square

  • Use hands only
  • Know and follow the rules before the game starts

Football, Tag and Other Games

  • Play respectfully -aggressive physical contact is unsafe
  • Touch games only
  • Play in open field away from playground equipment
  • Leave other students’ clothing alone
  • Decide rules before playing

Winter Safety

  • Snow stays on the ground
  • Snowballs may only be thrown at designated targets
  • Stay off of ice covered concrete areas
  • Respect other students’ snow structures -If you build it, only you dismantle it

Consequences may include verbal warnings, redirection, loss of recess.