Playground Overview

SAFETY – Students are expected to keep themselves and others safe while playing at recess.

  • Swings: sitting only no twisting or underdogs, no standing or jumping off (flying dismounts).
  • No snowballs (except at designated targets), sliding on ice, hitting, fighting, shoving, poking, tripping, or playing that becomes too rough and may cause harm to other people or property.
  • Teeter-totters – one at each end only; no standing or sitting on middle bar.
  • Slide – One person down at a time. Go down feet first. No standing or jumping off. No clogging the inside or steps. No climbing up the slide or the outside.
  • Tires – no standing on top of and / or jumping off.
  • Jungle Gym and Monkey bars: – no standing on top. No swinging trying to knock someone down.

 BEHAVIOR – Students are expected to show respect to all adults and to each other.

  • Student should be cooperative, polite and truthful.
  • No spitting, swearing, bullying, teasing or name calling.
  • When the bell rings, line up quickly and quietly.

BOUNDARIES – Students are expected to stay within the playground’s boundaries.

  • Areas that are off limits: ramp outside Mrs. Shanks’ room, parking lot, and beyond the pump house and shed.
  • Students must ask permission to retrieve balls, toys, etc. that go over the fence.
  • Students must ask permission to go inside to use the restrooms. One at a time.

 CLOTHING – Students are expected to keep warm and dry.

  • Warm coats, hats, and gloves / mittens must be worn in cold weather.
  • Coats on a bench when taken off in warm weather.
  • Children must not take other children’s clothing
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • No playing in mud puddles, on ice or standing water.
  • No radios, CD players or any electronic game /device.


  • Play by the rules of the game (4 square, kickball etc.)
  • No touchbacks, or Tag near the swings.
  • One-handed touch football may be played. (No tackle football)
  • Baseballs, superballs or other hard balls are not allowed on the playground.
  • All balls / playground equipment to be returned to the cupboard after each recess (otherwise locked for next recess).

A warning may be given to a student for not following the rules: if misbehavior continues then either time on the wall or a lap or two around the grounds will ensue.

Just using our common sense is the best way to handle the playground. HAVE FUN!