23 July 2018


Chairman Matt Hartle called the Board of Trustees Meeting to order at 8:02 a.m. in the Creston School Gymnasium with the following members present:  Joanna Massie, Shawn McDonough, and Jessica Sandven-Sorensen. Julie Tikka was out with medical concerns.  Also in attendance were: Tami Ward – Principal, Tammy Bartos – District Clerk, Jeff Hagen – Bus Driver/Maintenance, and approximately 15 visitors.

Public Participation/Correspondence:nil.

Consideration of Action Items:

  • Shawn McDonough moved and Joanna Massie seconded approval of moving forward on bus repairs as needed including a possible worse case scenario of an engine overhaul. Motion passed unanimously.
  • MontanaSky Networks, Inc. and Creston School Tower Agreement: A summary of the informational meeting that occurred on 19 July 2018 at 7:00 p.m. was given.  There were four main points of concern: 1) the location of the tower; 2) the clause in the agreement allowing for subletting, which would allow for a cell phone company to attach to the tower; 3) the 40% revenue sharing clause; 4) negative health impact.  A description of the amendments to the contract based on those concerns was given. A public comment period was then opened up.  Heidi Rogers, Creston Road property owner, had a concern regarding the location of the pole as moving it 150’ to the west would now be in her view, also she has concern regarding the landscaping; Hanna Kukla, Creston Road property owner, voiced dissatisfaction that the neighbors were not personally notified in advance of the tower installation, she also had concerns regarding negative health effects and would prefer the school opt for wired technology; Allison Nelson, Creston Road property owner, also had negative health concerns stating the FCC regulations are outdated; Mike Anderson, concerned citizen not in our school district, had concerns with negative health effects, the contract, and the “school use” of the property, he also had a recommendation for a satellite internet option; Bob Rogers, Creston Road property owner, had concern with resale property values being negatively impacted; Collette Bauer, Mennonite Church Road property owner and realtor, supported the decision to install the tower and stated that she has not seen a negative impact on property values in the Creston area even with the recent lattice cell tower on Mennonite Church Road, and believes better internet access will be a plus to buyers.   Annette Floyd, parent of enrolled student, has concerns with the negative health impacts in general and also with the tower being on the same property with the possible future site of a school; Tricia Rogers, Creston Road property owner, had negative health impact concerns and wants the school to remain simple, teachers can teach without the technology, it’s quality teachers not the technology that is important; Anthony Nelson, Creston Road property owner, had health risk concerns; Kinsley Rogers, Creston Road property owner, voiced health risk concerns including the impact on the food grown in gardens in proximity to the tower; Petr Kukla, Creston Road property owner, concerned that once the tower is up, Verizon can “attach” to it even if the contract states otherwise, also concerned that when technology changes and the tower is no longer needed, what then?  Matt Hartle, Chair, did address some of the concerns raised.  Wi-Fi is prevalent in all public places and the school is not proposing some new technology; the board, lawyers and consultants have vetted the contract and the property deed; because there is no zoning in this area the public comment period was not required by the County, however, MontanaSky representatives have apologized for not having personally contacted the neighbors as requested.  Joanna Massie motioned and Jessica Sandven-Sorensen seconded to amend the existing agreement signed on 7 June 2018 to move the tower 150’ to the west of the stated location in the agreement (item 1, page 1); and to remove the clause in the agreement regarding subletting and revenue sharing (item 7, page 4). Motion passed unanimously.
  • Jessica Sandven-Sorensen moved and Shawn McDonough seconded approval to hire David Klassy as a part-time teacher for the 2018/2019 school year. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Jessica Sandven-Sorensen moved and Joanna Massie seconded approval of the Creston School District and Cayuse Prairie School District Interlocal Transportation Agreements. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 8:58 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Tammy Bartos, District Clerk

Matt Hartle, Chairman