6 September 2018, 7:00 PM


I. Call to Order.Chairman Matt Hartle called the Board of Trustees Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Creston School Gym with the following members present: Joanna Massie, Shawn McDonough, and Jessica Sandven-Sorensen. Julie Tikka was out with medical concerns. Also in attendance were: Tami Ward – Principal, Tammy Bartos – District Clerk, Tony Koenig – MTSBA legal representative; various staff members and members of the public.

II. Wi-Fi Tower Information: The following documents were submitted to the Board. The Board had access to this information and each one had reviewed it prior to tonight’s meeting.

A. Against the Wi-Fi Tower

1.Submitted written public comment during the 30-day comment period.

2.Research submitted by neighbors against the tower.

3.Uniform Complaints

4.General Complaints

5.Petitions and Communications Against

6.Lawsuits v. Creston School

7.Communications/Requests for Information – August 23, 2018 email

8.Communication with Public: Requests for Information

B.In Favor of the Wi-Fi Tower

1.Submitted written public comment during the 30-day comment period.

C. General Comments and Research Provided

D. Research Provided by the Public

E. Additional written public comment received after the 30-day comment period.

F. Copies of Minutes that include public comment

III. Consideration of Action Item:

A. Wi-Fi Tower Easement Agreement (131 Creston Road) with MontanaSky Networks, Inc.

1. Public Comment. Various members of the public commented regarding being in favor of or opposed to moving forward with the agreement.

2.Description (read aloud by the Clerk): At the July 31, 2018 Special Meeting of the Board, a halt was placed on the Wi-Fi Tower installation. A 30-day public comment period was initiated for August 1st– 30th. At this time the Board has reviewed the public comment and a host of additional documents regarding the Tower. Please note that on July 23, 2018 the Board moved to amend the signed June 7thagreement with MontanaSky to 1) move the tower 150’ to the west; and 2) to remove the clause in the agreement regarding subletting and revenue sharing.  The Easement Agreement with the noted changes is now before the Board for approval.

3.Each member of the Board was individually called on to vote on the approval of the action item. The vote was unanimous.

IV. Public Participation:

A.Marianne Miller addressed her concern regarding how many of the public comments taken on the tower were people not in the Creston School District.She extended a thank you to the Board for what they have done.

V. Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Tammy Bartos, District Clerk                                                   Matt Hartle, Chairman