9 May 2019, 7:00 a.m. AT THE SCHOOL



Meetings are open to the public; guests are welcome.

I.         Call to order

II.       Minutes of 11 April 2019

III.     Public Participation / Correspondence

IV.     Information Item:

A.  Wi-Fi Tower Installation – Update

V.      Reports:

A.  Clerk

B.  Principal

C.  Staff

D.  Class Presentation – K

VI.     Policies: 1000 Series (See Attachment for complete list) – 2ndreading

VII.   Consideration of Action Items:

A.  Approval to hire Janitorial Company

B.  Approval to hire a .5 “Specials” Teacher for 2019/2020 & Contract Approval

C.  Teacher Contracts Renewal or Non-renewal of non-tenured teachers for 2019-2020

D.  Flathead Special Education Cooperative – Recommitment to Cooperative Agreement

E.  Flathead Special Education Coop. – Severe Communication Disorders Program Agreement

F.  Flathead Special Education Cooperative – Preschool Program Agreement

G.  Substitute Teacher List

H.  Transportation Contract(s)

I.   Before School Care Contract(s)

J.   Out of District request(s)

K.  Gym & School Grounds Use request(s)

VIII.  Claims for May 2019

IX.     IX. Next Meeting Dates:

A.  13 June 2019, 7:00 am Regular Meeting

B.  Policy Meeting with MTSBA -TBD

X.      Adjourn, then …Closed Session for Principal EPAS year end.

Citizens may comment on items appearing on the agenda when invited to participate during that agenda item by the Board Chair.  Citizens may comment on items related to School District business not appearing on this agenda during the public comment portion of the meeting as noted in the public comment form.

Information about this agenda, including the Board packet and supplemental documents, is available at the School District office.  Please contact the office if you have any questions.

The Board Chair is authorized to adjust the order of agenda items to accommodate scheduling needs of interested parties.




R = required







R   1000                                        Legal Status, Operation and Organization

R   1105                                        Membership

      1110                                        Taking Office

1111                                        Election

1111P                                      Candidate Orientation

1112                                        Resignation

1113                                       Vacancies

1120                                        Annual Organization Meeting

1130                                        Committees

1210                                        Qualifications, Terms, and Duties of Board Officers

1230                                        Clerk

R   1240                                        Duties of Individual Trustees

R   1310                                        District Policy and Procedures

1332                                        Authorization of Signatures

R   1400                                        Board Meetings

1401                                       Records Available to Public

1402                                        School Board Use of Electronic Mail

1410                                        Notice Regarding Public comment

R   1420                                        School Board Meeting Procedure

1425                                        Abstentions From Voting

R   1441                                        Audience Participation

1511                                        Code of Ethics for School Board Members

1512                                        Conflict of Interest

R   1513                                        Management Rights

1520                                        Board/Staff Communications

R   1521                                        Board-Administrator Relationship

1531                                        Trustee Expenses

1531F                                      Trustee Mileage Reimbursement Form

1532                                        Trustee Insurance

R   1610                                        Annual Goals and Objectives

1620                                        Evaluation of Board

1621                                        In-Service Conference for Trustees

1630                                        Utilization of Montana School Boards Association

1635                                        Internships

1640                                        Board Participation in Activities

R   1700                                        Uniform Complaint Procedure







School Board Meeting Procedure


Notice Regarding Public Comment



Montana law requires school districts to include on the agenda for public meetings an item allowing public comments on any public matter not otherwise specifically listed on the agenda. As has also been the practice of the District, and in accordance with Montana law, if any member desires to speak to an item that is specifically listed on the agenda, you will be allowed to do so when the item comes up for discussion and action.  The public comment portion of the agenda is not the time designated to hear items that are listed on the agenda.


If you wish to address the Board during the “public comment” portion of the meeting, please fill out the Public Participation Form at the bottom of this page. The Board Chairman will call individuals to speak. The Board would like to remind everyone in attendance that to avoid violations of individual rights of privacy, a member of the public wishing to address the Board during this time will not be allowed to make comments about any student, staff member, or member of the public while speaking. Individual comments will be limited to two (2) minutes.


By law the District cannot take any action on any matter discussed during the “public comment” portion of the meeting, until such time as the matter is noticed on the agenda, and the public has been allowed the opportunity to comment.




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