10 October 2019, 7:00 a.m. AT THE SCHOOL

Meetings are open to the public; guests are welcome.
I. Call to order
II. Minutes of 12 September 2019
III. Public Participation / Correspondence
IV. Information Item:
V. Reports:
A. Clerk
B. Principal
C. Staff
VI. Policies:
A. 5000 Series (see attached list) – 1st reading
B. Substitute Custodian Job Description
VII. Consideration of Action Items:
A. Coaching Contracts – Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball
B. Individual Transportation Contract Approval (OPI Form TR-4)
C. Creston School Goals
D. Educational and Therapeutic Services Agreement with Intermountain Deaconess Children’s Services
E. Substitute Teachers List
F. Transportation Contract(s)
G. Before School Care Contract(s)
H. Out of District Request(s)
I. Gym & School Grounds Use Request(s)
VIII. Claims October 2019
IX. Next Meeting Dates:
A. 14 November 2019, 7:00 am Regular Meeting
B. 12 December 2019, 7:00 am Regular Meeting
X. Adjourn

Citizens may comment on items appearing on the agenda when invited to participate during that agenda item by the Board Chair. Citizens may comment on items related to School District business not appearing on this agenda during the public comment portion of the meeting as noted in the public comment form.

Information about this agenda, including the Board packet and supplemental documents, is available at the School District office. Please contact the office if you have any questions.

The Board Chair is authorized to adjust the order of agenda items to accommodate scheduling needs of interested parties.


R = required


R 5002 Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities and Section 504 of
the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
R 5010 Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination
R 5012 Sexual Harassment, Sexual Intimidation and Sexual Misconduct in the Workplace
5012F Harassment Reporting Form for Employees
5015 Bullying/Harassment/Intimidation
5015F Harassment Reporting Form for Employees
5120 Hiring Process and Criteria
5120F Determination of Eligibility Sheet
5120F Notice of Federal Background Check Determination Form
5120P Fingerprint Background Handling Procedure
5121 Applicability of Personnel Policies
5122 Fingerprints and Criminal Background Investigations
5122F Applicant Rights and Consent to Fingerprint
5125 Whistle Blowing and Retaliation
5130 Staff Health
5140 Classified Employment and Assignment
5220 Prohibition on Aiding Sexual Abuse
R 5222 Evaluation of Certified and Classified Staff
5223 Personal Conduct
5224 Political Activity
5226 Drug-Free Workplace
R 5228 – 5228P Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers
5230 Prevention of Disease Transmission
5231 – 5231P Personnel Records
5232 Abused and Neglected Child Reporting
5250 Termination from Employment/Non-Renewal of Employment
5251 Resignations
5254 Payment of Employer Contributions and Interest on Previous Service
5254F Employer Payment Policy Form
5255 Disciplinary Action
5256 Reduction in Force
5314 Substitutes
5321 – 5321P Leaves of Absence
5322 Military Leave
R 5325 Breastfeeding Workplace
R 5328 Family Medical Leave
5329 Long-Term Illness/Temporary Disability Leave
5330 Maternity Leave
5331 Insurance Benefits for Employees
5333 Holidays
5334 Vacations/Personal Leave
5334P Vacation Guidelines
R 5336 Fair Labor Standards Act
5337 Workers’ Compensation Benefits
5338 Absence Due to Illness or Injury
5420 Paraprofessionals
5420F ESSA Qualifications Notification Request Form
5430 Volunteers/Chaperones
5430F Volunteer Letter of Understanding
5440 Student Teachers/Interns
5450 Employee use of Electronic Mail, Internet, Networks, and District
5460 Electronic Resources and Social Networking
5500 Payment of Wages Upon Termination
R 5510 HIPAA
5630 Employee Use of Mobile Devices

Policy to Repeal:
5253 TRS Purchasing Service Credit