11 November 2021


I. Call to order. Jessica Sandven-Sorensen called the Board of Trustees meeting to order at 7:03 a.m. The meeting was held in the gym. Present were Board Trustees Jessica Sandven-Sorensen, Twila Brenneman, Barry Farrell and Nevada Hafer. Matt Hartle had a planned absence. Also in attendance were Tami Ward, Principal, Tammy Bartos, District Clerk, Jennifer Johnson, Teacher and CEA President, Deb Christiansen, Teacher, Julie Horton, and Susan Horner-Till.
II. Minutes of 14 October 2021. Twila Brenneman moved to approve the minutes as presented. Nevada Hafer seconded. Motion passed unanimously,
III. Public Participation / Correspondence – nil
IV. Information Items
A. Boardsmanship Leadership Academy. Jessica Sandven-Sorensen attended a board member leadership class at FVCC, she suggested having an agenda item for future board meetings regarding board professional development and will draw from the leadership class to develop an outline/topic list. There was discussion and the trustees in general thought this would be a good idea to try out and that it should be kept to a short time limit per meeting.
B. Notice of Subdivision No. 295. A notice from the Flathead County Planning and Zoning office was provided to the trustees regarding a subdivision proposal off Splendid View Drive.
C. Classified Employment Contract for Aide. Information regarding employee probationary period ending and being placed on a written contract for P. Choco.
V. Reports:
A. Clerk. The monthly budget expenditure report was provided through 31 October 2021. General Fund is 20% committed and the Total of all Funds is at 17% committed. Fund 115 Project Report was also provided. Accounts are reconciled to the County Treasurer through August 2021. Fall Student Enrollment Count Day was October 4, 2021; total student count for Average Number Belonging (ANB) was submitted to the state and reported enrollment was 113. Also, the Out-of-District Attendance Report was submitted to the County; reported total on count day (10/4/2021) was 40.
B. Principal. Current student enrollment is 107. A student assembly was held October 29th. Monthly building inspections have been completed with no recommended repairs. We had six positive Covid-19 cases in our learning environment during the month of October. Crossroads program is fully staffed. Parents/guardians were given a second notice of the potential cancellation of transportation services and classroom instruction due to a lack of substitutes; cancellation and remote learning will be our last resort after all other solutions have been exhausted; we’ve had several multi-day absences recently with no available substitutes. The Safety Committee met in October; the next meeting will be in February. School Facility Conditions Inventory Report was provided with no updates. This month staff and students are participating in a food drive; all donations will be given to the Bigfork Food Bank. A report regarding the Special Education Cooperative was provided. The first round of teacher evaluations using the Teacher EPAS will be wrapping up later this month. Tami will be attending a Title IX training this month and will assume the role of Coordinator and Investigator; Jack Eggensperger, County Superintendent of Schools, will assume the role of Decision Maker.
C. Staff. Jen Johnson shared the staff report via a Google Slide presentation.
VI. Policies
A. Policy Updates 2050, 2168, 3222, 3231, 3235, 4330F, 5223, 5314, 7251 – 2nd Read. Barry Farrell motioned to approve the changes to the policies as presented with one addition to policy 4330F, item #1 under Premises and Conditions, to include a reference that policies are found on our website at Twila Brenneman seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
B. Policy Updates 1420, 2140, 5140, 2312P – 1st Read. In the September 2021 edition of MTSBA Policy Notes, updates to the MTSBA Model Policy Manual needed to ensure compliance with the law and best practice were provided. Twenty-four polices were forwarded, some policies do not apply to our school, some of the changes have already been addressed, of those remaining updates we are only reviewing a portion of them this month. These policies require a second read. No action required at this time.
C. New Policy 2221P – 1st Read. A new recommended MTSBA Model Policy. This policy requires a second read. No action at this time.
VII. Consideration of Action Items:
A. Trustee Resignation & Declare Vacant Trustee Position. Barry Farrell motioned to declare a vacant trustee position due to the resignation of Matt Hartle and to fill the vacancy by appointment. Nevada Hafer seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
B. Selection of Board Chair & Vice Chair. Barry Farrell motioned to elect Jessica Sandven-Sorensen as Board Chair. Nevada Hafer seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Jessica Sandven-Sorensen motioned to elect Twila Brenneman as Board Vice Chair. Barry Farrell seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
C. Appointment of Trustees as Document Signers. Nevada Hafer motioned to appoint Jessica Sandven-Sorensen and Twila Brenneman as approved to sign documents and warrants on behalf of Creston School District #9. Barry Farrell seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
D. Safe Return to School and Continuity of Services Plan. The plan was provided for review – updates to add/revise dates proposed. Twila Brenneman motioned to approve the plan as presented. Barry Farrell seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
E. Property Disposal. A list of abandoned, obsolete, and undesirable property was presented as well as the required resolution. The resolution will be posted in the newspaper for the required two-week period. Barry Farrell motioned to approve the Property Disposal Resolution as presented. Twila Brenneman seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
F. MSPLIP Annual Membership Meeting. Barry Farrell motioned to approve a proxy representation for the MSPLIP Annual Membership Meeting and to accept Pamela Clary for the Board Seat. Twila Brenneman seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
G. Substitute List. Barry Farrell motioned to approve the addition to the substitute list as presented for the 2021/2022 school year. Nevada Hafer seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
H. Transportation Contracts. One contract was presented with the fee waived for days that the parent is providing bus driving/training duties. Barry Farrell motioned to approve the transportation contract as presented. Nevada Hafer seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
I. Before School Care Contracts – nil.
J. Out of District Requests. Barry Farrell motioned to acknowledge receipt of the attendance agreements. Twila Brenneman seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
K. Gym & School Grounds Use Requests – nil.
VIII. Claims Approval. Nevada Hafer motioned to approve the claims list as presented. Barry Farrell seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
IX. Next Meeting Dates:
A. 9 December 2021, 7:00 am Regular Meeting
B. 13 January 2022, 7:00 am Regular Meeting
X. Adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 7:43 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tammy Bartos, District Clerk

Jessica Sandven-Sorensen, Board Chair