9 June 2022, 7:00 a.m.

Meetings are open to the public; guests are welcome.

I. Call to order
II. Minutes of 12 May 2022
III. Public Participation / Correspondence
IV. Information
V. Reports:
A. Clerk
B. Principal
C. Staff
VI. Policies – Consideration of Action:
A. MTSBA Policy Updates per 3/18/22 Notice – 2nd Read: 5223, 5314, 5450, 5450F, 5450P, 8300
B. MTSBA Policy Update per 4/15/22 Notice – 1st Read: 2510
VII. Consideration of Action Items:
A. Property & Liability Insurance Proposals for 2022/2023
B. New Teacher Hire & Contract 2022-2023
C. District Clerk Employment Agreement 2022-2023
D. Classified Contracts Renewal or Non-Renewal 2022-2023 & Compensation
E. Hourly Paid Classified Employees Stipend for 2022-2023
F. Global Archives Quote for Records Management & Storage
G. Flathead Special Education Cooperative Agreement 2022-23
H. Flathead Crossroad Interlocal Agreement 2022-23
I. Restroom Stall Divider Quote
J. Safe Return to School and Continuity of Services Plan Review
K. Extra-Duty Mentoring Contract 2022/2023 – DC
L. Appointment of a Representative to the County Transportation Committee
M. Speed Study from the Highway Traffic Commission
N. Bus Route 2022/2023 & Interlocal Transportation Agreements
O. Cayuse Prairie – Creston Transportation Interlocal 2022/2023
P. Individual Transportation Contract Approval (OPI Form TR-4)
Q. Transfer to Eastside Multidistrict Interlocal Fund
R. Letter of Reasonable Assurance for Substitutes
S. District Clerk Authority to Process Claims Summer Months
T. Gym & School Grounds Use Requests
VIII. Claims Approval
IX. Next Meeting Dates:
A. No Meeting scheduled in July.
B. 11 August 2022, 7:00 am Budget & Regular Meeting
X. Adjourn

Citizens may comment on items appearing on the agenda when invited to participate during that agenda item by the Board Chair. Citizens may comment on items related to School District business not appearing on this agenda during the public comment portion of the meeting as noted in the public comment form.

Information about this agenda, including the Board packet and supplemental documents, is available at the School District office. Please contact the office if you have any questions.

The Board Chair is authorized to adjust the order of agenda items to accommodate scheduling needs of interested parties.